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Successful Ending of Shenzhen International Mobile Electronics Show on May 25-28th, 2021

The scale of the exhibition has reached a new high, 12 theme exhibition halls, 240,000 square meters of exhibition scale, 5000+ Exhibitors, 10,000+ booths, and 1,000,000+ creative gifts & electronic consumers are exhibited. It is expected to attract 200,000 buyer visits and create the top traffic of the ceremony industry.

Doossy not only met our cooperated customers for 2021 watchband business plan, also glad to meet some new potential clients who focus on 3C products, watch manufacturer, chain shop selling etc during the busy 4 day .We really thanks a lot for your time to visiting us in our booth and know our products.

Well, since this trade show is over now, we are looking forward to meet you at Shanghai Consumer Technology & Innovation Show, June 09-11, 2021, BOOTH No. : 3A28


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